Close-wearing baby carrier
with lumbar support

Designed for bigger babies and toddlers, this Snugli carrier lets you carry baby in the hip position, or on front or back.

16-40 lbs

Recommended for:

• Longer rides for bigger babies and toddlers

• Multiple carrying positions to fit mom’s active lifestyle

• Moms who care for more than one child.


NEW! Quilted  


• Lumbar support distributes weight to hips for comfort

• Ergonomic seated position for baby wearing

• Easy adjustability for growing baby

• Big cargo pocket for storage

All Snugli carriers provide these comfort features:

• One handed buckle

• Comfortable, padded shoulder straps

• Adjustable pull straps

• Automatically adjusting back straps

• Soft and breathable, easy-clean fabric

Please note that the instructions provided in downloadable manual are for Snugli® models manufactured in the current year and should only be used to provide supplemental guidance on the proper use of your baby carrier. Please verify the date of manufacture on your carrier and contact Snugli at 1-800-374-3603 or contact us to obtain the instructions created specifically for your carrier’s model and manufacturing year. Always read all instructions and warnings applicable to your particular carrier prior to first use, and keep the instructions available for future reference.