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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is Outlast Temperature Management?

Outlast Temperature Management is foam that helps keep the child well insulated and prevents them from getting too hot or too cold.

  • Actively absorbs, stores and releases excess heat.
  • Manages heat to reduce overheating and perspiration.

Are Snugli Car Seats easy to install?

Yes, All Snugli Car Seats come equipped with Lower Anchor Connectors (SureLATCH or Quick Connectors) that allow for easy LATCH installation in a fraction of the time.

What is SureLATCH?

SureLATCH is a patented car seat feature that makes installation of the Snugli car seats quick & easy when installing in an automobile that has the LATCH system.

SureLATCH has a built-in retractor that holds the webbing internally to allow Mom to simply push on the seat in order to get a tight installation in a fraction of the time of other latch systems.

What do we mean when we say Snugli Side Impact Protection?

E3 Foam is 3 layers of EPS that is underneath the soft goods of the Snugli car seat. Our studies have shown these 3 layers of EPS foam help reduce Side Impact crash test forces up to 50%; hence, giving Snugli car seats additional protection above and beyond the Federal Crash Test Standard. (This doesn’t apply to Snugli Convertible Car Seats)

What does it mean to be tested to 2x Federal Crash Test Standard?

  • The Federal Safety Standard mandates that child restraint manufacturer’s car seats must past a structural integrity test (Sled Test) @ 28.5 MPH. Snugli Car Seats are tested for Structural integrity 40 MPH.
  • The energy output is determined by Energy = 1/2Mass x Velocity² and as a result the crash energy Snugli Car Seats can withsatnd is twice as much as is required.

Do you need tools to assemble the Snugli Stroller?

No tools are needed for assembly. Simply snap on the front and back wheels.

When the stroller is collapsed does it transport easy?

Yes, the wheels remove easily, simply push a button and wheels remove for easy transport and compact storage.

Can you collapse the Snugli Stroller with the Stroller Seat attached?

Yes, the stroller will easily collapse with the stroller seat attached. No need to remove it.

How many seat positions does the stroller seat have?

The stroller seat has 3 positions that are easy to adjust with just a push of a button.

What is the weight rating for the Infant Car Seat?

THe Snugli Infant Car Seat has an extended weight rating from 4 lbs. to 35 lbs.

How do you change the Style Sets for the Infant Car Seat?

The Style Sets are easy to change, the head pillow attaches with Velcro and the seat insert fits easily around the harness.

Does the Snugli Infant Car Seat pair with the Snugli Stroller for a travel system?

Yes, the Snugli Infant Cart Seat converts to a travel system with the adapter included with purchase.

What is included with the purchase of the Snugli Infant Car Seat?

Snugli Infant Car Seat, car seat base and car seat stroller adapter.

Does the High Chair have seating adjustments?

Snugli High Chair has mulitple seating adjustments: 6-position heaight, 3-position reclining seat, 3-position tray.

Is the seat pad machine washable?

Yes, the high chair seat pad is stain resistant and machine washable and removes easily for quick cleaning.

Does the Sungli High Chair collapse for storage?

Yes, the Snugli High Chair collapses easily with a quick release on the legs, tray can be stored with a hook on the back leg.

What weight rating is the Snugli High Chair?

Snugli High Chair is rated up to 40 lbs.

Which Style Sets are available for which products?

  • Stroller - Geo Collection, Pinks & Greys, Modern Camouflage and Quilted Comfort.
  • High Chair - Geo Collection (included), Pinks & Greys, Modern Camouflage and Quilted Comfort.
  • Infant Car Seat - Geo Collection or Pinks & Greys.

Are the Style Sets machine washable?

Yes, the Style Sets are stain resistant and machine washable.

Are the Style Sets easy to change?

Yes, the Style Sets are easy to remove and change quickly.