Get baby settled in your Snugli.
Then, hug her! Make sure her
position feels natural. Wearing
baby should mimic carrying baby.

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Label Sticker Moore

Need help locating your Model Number and Date of Manufacture? Check below for the location of the label sticker on your specific product. If you are in need of additional help please contact our customer support.

All-In-One Car Seat - White sticker on the right inside wall of the back of the seat.

Booster Seat - White sticker on the middle of the back of the seat.

Carrier - On a care or law tag on the carrier, or a sewn-on label on the waist belt of the carrier.

Convertible Car Seat - White sticker near the bottom of the back of the seat.

Convenience Base - On the inside of base with car seat removed.

High Chair - On the back of the seat on the warning label or on a white sticker.

Infant Car Seat - Bottom of the seat on a white sticker towards the baby’s feet area. Car seat will need to be removed from the base.

Stroller - White sticker on the tubing of the rear leg.