Make sure your baby's face is in
the clear, uncovered even by soft
items such as hat, blanket, nursing
cover or wipe.

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It's easy to trust a Snugli. As the original baby carrier, we pioneered baby carriers and continue to perfect them for today's moms.


Safety is job one. And job two. And three… Some say that building a baby carrier isn't rocket science. To us, it is. We've got a staff of trained engineers whose primary job is to ensure safety and quality.


Safety is job four. And job five. And six… Our development process includes testing and retesting--often beyond government safety standards.


First in comfort. True ventilation, pull-forward adjustability, ultra-padded shoulders and well-designed straps put you a hug ahead.


More style on the go. Say bye-bye to “color block” carriers and hello to hip prints, chic colors and a bundle of choices.


Snugli is cool. No sweat. Our designs with vented zones allow genuine breathability that keeps mom and baby fresh and cool.


Snugli parents are comfortable. They're comfortable with the product and its price tag. At this great price, you can take home two!


We invite dads to the party. Check out our Front and Back Snugli with good looks, lumbar support, and a big cargo pocket for snacks, wipes and gadgets. Dads love the comfort and durability!


Snugli moms sleep better at night. With more back and shoulder comfort all day, moms and dads catch more blessed winks.


Snugli cares. For parenting info, check out True Tips, watch our short sharing videos, and call ParentLink to talk with experienced moms.